Pushback from some knuckle dragger (aka) how to get all your bosses CC’d on an email calling you out

I work a specialized role in my particular department. I work for a cable / internet / phone company that shall remain nameless, for reasons. My company granted me the ability to get new customer pricing unlocked, at my discretion, on accounts that come my way. They know I am very deep into company stock so they know I am not going to go Willy nilly…plus there are certain tenure requirements that need to be met, but once your account comes to my desk you are golden.

I simply go into a chat, let them know which package they will unlock for the customer account for a specific period of time, then I apply it in real time with approval.

I have saved a lot of people a lot of money, and have never had any issues. Then I get this one agent that missed the memo / didn’t know about this program. At all. I have gotten through dozens of the other revenue assurance agents and never got any pushback. I requested the plan as normal. Out of nowhere agent is saying no that won’t be approved, work with what is available, the agent clearly wasn’t informed of this project. I asked if I could just contact their supervisor to help bring them up to speed. They said no and closed the chat. Spicy. Fucking. Tart.

I told the customer I would be calling them back shortly. I then leaned back in my chair and proceeded to crack my knuckles and my neck, preparing to unleash the fury of a half page long email. Proceeded to quickly identify their supervisor, that supervisors manager, the agent themself, then for giggles and grins the sites director.

I let that settle in for 30 mins or so. Went to open a new chat and didn’t have any pushback, just a curt “campaign xyz has been unlocked” :’) this made me smile all the way down to my soul.

I love my role and it’s so fulfilling to sincerely help long time customers

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