Canadians don’t have cellphones

This is a very short one that came across my mind today. It was from a fairly sweet property owner who was calling to add a modem/emta to her account because she wanted to activate the internet and phone service for some tenants that would be arriving soon. The only problem was, she was out of state and not with the actual equipment. She only had a picture of the bottom of the equipment. Unfortunately, the picture didn’t show the MAC address which was the most important piece of information needed to add it to the account. This is what transpired:

Me: We’re going to need the MAC address in order to add the equipment. I understand you’re not currently there. But would it be possible to call your tenants and have them provide this information?

Owner: No, I’m sorry. They have a VoIP phone, so we can’t call them without adding the modem.

Me: Do they have a cellphone?

Owner: (hilariously sincere) Oh, no. No cellphone. They don’t have cellphones. They’re from Canada.

Me: immediately mutes phone to hide laughter

It wasn’t so much what she said, as it was how she said it. Because she was deadass serious about it. I guess she thinks Canada is just a barren mass of land covered in ice and devoid of technology. The remainder of the call proceeded with me speaking between muted fits of laughter.

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