Really stressed about this covid-19 stuff

I wipe down my area at the beginning of my shift (we don’t have assigned computers) and wash my hands a lot but I really don’t feel like my workspace is safe. Our computers are nasty and I only have so much time to wipe mine down. When I clean it has to be off the clock and I don’t wanna waste my time to go in extra early to clean better since we are supposed to spend LESS room around people. Our computers are all in rows (similar to a computer class in a school) and we are supposed to sit at every other computer. I have asthma which apparently means I’m high risk, so I’ve been pretty careful. But also I have ADHD and I’m having a hell of a time not biting my nails or touching my face. I really wish we would just shut down already. No one needs to sign up for our sketchy protection plan rn, they probs won’t be covered anyway, send everyone home. I had to leave early today because I have all of the main symptoms except for a fever and I would just feel safer if we closed. They’re talking about us possibly working from home but I don’t even feel comfortable working from home. These people literally want us to use our personal computers to handle people’s credit card numbers. Like we aren’t even allowed to have paper at our desk because they don’t want us to steal credit card info…but you’re going to let me handle it in my own home? Okayyy🙃

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