Client expecting telepathic data transfer

I work in Cc of company that offers internet and TV I got call from a client that had problem with his TV after quick diagnosis i realised that it’s because he choose wrong source in tv options (he had 2devices plugged in and now miraculously he developed amnesia on how to do it. (after like 15 min of explaining it to him how to press buttons.. And switching to HDMI (He used SCART) We managed to choose right source..

Then he started complaining that we “limit his access to channels” I couldn’t straight forward explain it to him that he just doesn’t have them in his offer (because he failed authorization and because of that I can’t talk about details of account) still I explained to him that those channels that he should have are broadcasted to him.. He still didn’t understand that even if i was basically explaining it in really simple way and also he couldn’t grasp the concept of failing authorisation..

Then after that he started complaining about the cc service apparently his internet connection customer service is way better (spoiler alert he use our internet) And I told him that it’s same company and he couldn’t believe that and started complaining how we scheme around to destroy his tv watching.. (because he had to switch to HDMI because his SCART port or cable stopped working.. I explained to him that it’s technical thing and all companies devices work like that..

Then he said that he will resign from our TV offer because it is bad.. And switch to cable TV.. I tried politely explain to him that even if he would be paying full price (he pays 50% because of internet) he still would have better offer and more channels in our company than in any cable TV with same price.. Then he said that he will change to company X services (funny thing our company owns “X” and looking at the offer of company X he still won’t be able to find better option..

I left it to him and we end the call..

Our company offers modern devices that I would not mind using (if was watching TV) But there are no telephatic devices and you need HDMI

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