Just a rant from a tired call center worker..

Hello all!

Long time lurker, first time poster here. Obligatory on mobile. Reddit is the one place I feel I have ‘anonymity’ so this felt like the right place to vent my frustration with my call center.

I work for a relatively large bank that is headquartered in the north east of the US. Obviously everyone knows what’s going on with the nightmare that is COVID-19. We have been business as usual through our everything, which I was prepared for. I work a small department that services small business customers with everyday banking needs.

I work on a huge campus with 3 buildings; A, B, and C. I work in A. We had a positive case announced in building C about 2 weeks ago. We were assured that the areas the person went were sanitized, as well as anyone who had contact with the person quarantined.

People on the whole campus have been working from home who already could. Contact center workers didn’t have that luxury due to privacy issues, which I fully understand and appreciate. They are starting to pilot test us working from home but it’s a slow process. It comes with a long list of requirements of course. You have to have a room you can lock the door, no animals or children making noise in the background, etc. I know I cannot personally meet the latter requirement. My brother has a loud dog who constantly barks.

It’s been a nightmare in my department since most states are putting restrictions on business operations. Customers I deal with are scared and wanting advice. We do our best to help them through.

This was all well and good until today. It was announced that we have our first possible positive in our building. In a different area then I work, but still. Same procedure – the areas were sanitized and effected people quarantined. But my co-workers and I are obviously scared, along with everyone still “left behind,” if you pardon the phrase.

We are still expected to show up and serve our customers. Management keeps reiterating that they care about our safety. But it’s starting to not feel like that. I understand business needs, and don’t get me wrong; I honestly love my job. I love helping people. But when is enough, enough?

We have several other contact centers in areas less effected. Why not flood the calls to another site? I just don’t feel appreciated for all the work I’ve been putting in the past week. Call wait time has been at 20 mins past week when we almost never have a wait time. I get it they want us to act like it’s all okay. But it’s starting to not feel okay.

Sorry for my rant. I just needed to get it all down. Please stay safe out there everyone. ❤️

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Oh, I’m wrong and you would like me to call them to check? Absolutely sir

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