Oh, I’m wrong and you would like me to call them to check? Absolutely sir

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Typing this in my phone but here is some backstory before I talk about a call I had tonight.

I work at a call centre for public transport that people can call to find out how to get from A to B and what time their service is arriving. At the call centre, I only have access to the maps, timetables and very basic GPS tracking capabilities. If I wanted to know exactly where a bus/train service was, I’d have to call that service’s respective depot and have the operator radio the driver and ask him what his current location is. Problem with this is that there is only 1-2 radio operators to 30+ buses and they are usually very busy. The average wait time to get through to them is usually pretty high by call centre standards.

On average, we aim to finish our calls around the 2 minute mark.

Locations and route numbers have been changed for obvious reasons.

RO$ – Radio Operator for the bus depot

Caller$ – Needs the needful

Me$ – Tries to do the needful

Me$ – Welcome to X, this is Me$, how can I help you?

Caller$ – I have been standing here for 20 minutes waiting for the 207 bus to go to the station! Where is it?

Me$ – Certainly, what is the stop number you are catching the bus from?

Caller$ – (Gives me the stop number)

Me$ – I see that there is only the 123, 321, 456 and 209 bus going past there, are you sure it’s the 207 you’re after?

Caller$ – No no no you’re wrong, it’s the 209, I said 209. I’ve been here 20 minutes now, where is it?

Me$ – Okay well, if you need to get to the station, every bus that runs through your stop will take you there, you don’t need the 209 and the next bus that can take you there is arriving in 2 minutes.

Caller$ – WRONG, I want the 209. You’re wrong, I need the 209 and I’ve been waiting 20 minutes now sir, do your job sir.

Me$ – Okay, if you really wanted to wait for the 209, the next one is in 15 minutes.

Caller$ – WRONGGGG, you don’t understand, I have been here for 20 minutes, where is the 209 that was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago?!

At this point, the guy is pretty much foaming at the mouth and I’ve tracked the bus he wanted but it had already left through the stop and he would have to wait for the next one.

Me$ – Okay, unfortunately, the bus had already left the stop and you’ll have to catch the next one if you’re really wanting to get the 209.

Caller$ – Wrong wrong wrong, how can it be gone? I have been here for 20 minutes! Can’t you just call the bus driver and see where he is?!

Me$ – I can but it will take a whi-


I’ve about had it with this guy so I crack a smile and do what he wants. I put the caller on hold and call the depot. After 5 minutes on hold,

RO$ – This is RO$, how can I help ya?

Me$ – Hey RO$, just wanting to know if bus 209 arriving at this stop left on time to the station. Caller is very adamant.

RO$ – That would have been and gone by now, I also don’t see any late notices for any of our buses, I’ll just hail that driver on the radio.

Waiting another few more minutes before RO$ gets back to me.

RO$ – Yeah, driver’s already been and gone through that stop, he left on time. If the caller wants to get to the station, he can just jump on any bus that runs through that stop.

Me$ – Trust me, I’ve told him that, he is insisting on just this one bus. I’ll tell him that but guy refuses to listen to reason, thanks for your time.

RO$ chuckles as I hang up

I finally get back to Caller$ after about 10+ minutes of having him on hold.

Me$ – Hello? Are you still there?

Caller$ – Where is bus?

Me$ – Yeah, RO$ has confirmed that the bus left on time and you just have to catch the next one, but the good news is that it’ll be there any minute now. Is there anything I can help you with today?

Caller$ yells unintelligibly at me as he hangs up.

I love my job

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