"My email address isn’t the kind that can receive emails."

I work for a company with drivers, so each driver has to have their valid driver’s license and insurance on file at all times.

Our recruiting team hires some pretty clueless folks but I don’t mind being helpful overall, but some instances are just mind boggling.

Driver calls in today: I am trying to send my updated license to you, I sent a text.

Me: We do not have a text number here to receive these things. Did a rep give you a personal number to text or who are you sending it to?

Driver: recites our 800 number

Me: I’m sorry, that is just the call center’s phone number, texts cannot be sent or received this way.

Driver: Well how do I send it?

Me: gives email address

Driver: spends times fumbling around did you get it now?

Me: No nothing has come through

Driver: Wait, do I spell out the word “at” or use the at sign?

Me: You need to use the at symbol sir. I can send an email and you can just reply to that if that will help.

Driver: No, my email address can’t receive emails, so that wouldn’t work.

Me: Maybe our emails go to your spam folder?

Driver: No, I just have the kind of email that is only for sending emails. I don’t have the kind you can send emails to.

Me: I’m not familiar with that type of email but we also have a fax number if you have access to a fax machine.

Driver: Can I send a text to the fax number?

Me: No, that is only for faxes.

Driver: Ugh, I don’t know. I am going to have to go to where I bought this phone and ask them to set up an email address that allows me to receive emails. I’ll have to call you back.

Fine by me, but I do feel sorry for the person at the phone store when he gets there.

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