Tech support should be able to override everyone apparently

Me: [greeting] Who do I have the pleasure of talking to? CX: I think I have coronavirus and I want a discount on everything so I’m entertained while I’m stuck at home. Me: Oh goodness did you test positive? Are you okay? CX: no, but I want these next two months free. You can do that. Me: No sir… I’m so sorry you have the coronavirus but I can’t give you free cable for 2 months. I can transfer you to another department that could possibly have some discount for this situation. CX: I talked to them already. They told me no. So I’m coming to you to hook me up. I need free cable. Push a button and reconnect my devices. Me: Sir, we have checks and balances… I cannot override a disconnect. CX: I AM ON DAY 8. ON DAY 9 I COULD DIE. Me: Sir, I wish I could give you the credit but I do not have any way possible to do that for you. We don’t have that power. CX: What if I die? How would that make you feel? You want someone to die alone and miserable because they cannot get entertainment on their last day? Me: Sir, if I could, I would give you that and set it up. However it was a hard disconnect and I cannot see anything on your screen but your name, address, phone number, and the status of your account. I can transfer you to a department that can work with you and activate it again? CX: NO. Reconnect my box now you cunt. I am dying. I want to watch my shows before I die. Me: I understand, truly. I know timing is important, but on my end, I can’t even see what equipment you have. Can I transfer you to a department who could fix this for you in maybe 10 minutes tops? CX: NO! Override them! I want free cable. Me: I’m so sorry, but I cannot do that. CX: FUCK YOU CUNT. I hope you die before I do of the coronavirus. Me: CX: Me: CX: ME: CX: Fuck you. hangs up

🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. Not going to lie, favorite call of the night haha

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