"I’m from Brooklyn motha fucka!"

Didn’t know this subreddit existed. Not nearly as bad as some of the stories but it helps me relieve stress to share.

I work as a mortgage processor in a call center. A while back I did a mortgage for an older nurse. She signed the final docs and the day before funding I did my final verbal employment verification required to be done 0-48 hours before funding. She had quit her job the day before unexpectedly.

Of course now we can’t fund so I call to ask her what happened. She blew up on me. She asked me why I was calling her (former) employer and that I should have notified her that we were going to check employment. I explained we do it internally and the borrower is not involved. She then proceeded to call us a shady business and that yea, she quit her job because she hated it and everyone hated her there. I told her we cannot fund but before I could finish saying unless she got a new job she just blew up even more and started calling me “fucking idiot” “dont know what you’re doing” “shady company”. I said, “I understand…” and she went, “no you fucking dont! I’m from fucking Brooklyn! Do you know what the fuck that means! I AM FROM BROOKLYN BITCH” and hung up on me

Of course it’s my job to call her bad so 8 gave her some time to calm down and then I had the chance to ask her if she got a new job and she said yes she’s in the training right now. I asked her for the offer letter and we used that to fund her loan in time… this one call of some 70 year old nurse caused me to lose sleep and I thought about it for like 2 weeks afterward. Be nice to your call center representative guys.

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