"I need your help but just know I don’t believe anything you say."

So I work for a popular roadside assistance company and one of the extra benefits is identity theft and credit monitoring. I’m used to older people not really being tech savvy as I’m pretty patient but it took everything in me not to go off on this guy.

C=customer M=me

C: Yea I just wanna get signed up for you guys credit monitoring.

M: Sure I can help with that! What’s a good email address for you so I can send you the link so we can get started?

C: I dont have an email.

M: Ohhh you would need an email in order to have credit monitoring services.

C: No you dont.

M: The email is how we send credit alerts so you would need to have one.

C: No you don’t. You can mail them.

M: No we can’t. If something were going on with your credit male would take way too long to reach you.

C: A lot of people don’t know how to use email so I just don’t believe that you can’t have this service without an email address.

M: Sir would you like me to walk you through setting up an email?

C: No! I want you to set me up for credit monitoring and I want to receive the alerts by mail.

M: Sir I’ve already informed you that that’s not possible.

C: If I go in to the local branch can they do it?

M: No. Credit monitoring is an online service.

C: I’m still just not buying that. I’m going to go visit my local branch so they can help me.

M: fed up Okay that’s fine. Is there anything else I can help with?

C: No click

God help the branch worker who has to deal with his ignorant ass.

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