I just spent 40 minutes trying to guide someone to our website’s homepage. She never actually made it to the homepage.

She needed to set up an account and had no idea how to do so. The call itself took about 5ish minutes to even confirm that that’s what she wanted to do, because she didn’t make a lick of sense when trying to explain what she needed.

40 straight minutes of trying to guide her through how to find the homepage so she could set up an account. Eventually I gave up, and emailed her a link to click to just go directly to the homepage. The whole time I asked her to describe what she could see in front of her to see how best to explain what to do next, she would describe the left hand corner of her screen (where the refresh button and stuff are) in GREAT DETAIL, and then go “yada yada yada” for the actual stuff on the webpage.

I’m WFH since we went on lockdown, so my husband finally got to hear what my calls are like. He laughed so hard he thought he was going to throw up.

None of us are paid nearly enough.

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