Just got a feedback ticket that made me smile!

This is my first post on this sub… I went back to call center work a few months ago and work on the support team for contractors using an app to complete tasks.

Whenever we close out a ticket, an email is automatically sent to the person that requested assistance. They can rate their support experience with “good”, “good with comment”, “bad”, or “bad with comment”. We have access to our ratings and feedback, which is really nice.

This guy called in last night in response to a quality issue and we spoke for a full 25 minutes. My calls are usually 2-3 minutes. I didn’t think he would be happy after and expected to see a “bad” in my box when I came in this morning. Turns out, he was wicked sweet! He commented that my customer service was excellent, and that he loves my support team, and that we’re the only reason he is sticking with the company and learning to improve. Aaaw! I’ve been working mega overtime (I was sick for a week) and am lonely (working from home) and overtired and this just brightened my morning a little bit.

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