"I forgot I had it, I want a refund"

Hello all, I work as a retention rep for an ISP. So I get a new story to tell on a daily basis. Today I had a guy call in…

Caller: Yeah back in October I ordered your tv service, I want to disconnect it and get a refund.

I ask him why, I ask him f it’s due to quality of service and what not, he straight up tells me…

Caller: I forgot I ordered it after the receivers came in the mail, I just never hooked them up, didnt even take the receivers out of the box. So I want a refund, I didnt use the services you guys billed me for.

I tell him no, we arent refunding him.

He tells me I’m being unfair and that the company is being unfair. He was genuinely dumbfounded why I wouldn’t give him a refund.

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