I cussed out a rude caller and other tales about rude callers.

This happened about 5-6 years ago, when I was still working with a telecomm company. I don’t really remember what the caller was calling in about, but what I do remember was that he was incredibly rude and cussed at me a lot and berated me for things I didn’t do and blamed me, though it was actually his fault and him not following the instructions on his application for his phone.

It was a bit memorable because it was my last call for that day and I remember calling him asshole, I thought I was on mute, and when he pointed it out, I told him that he misheard me and we were both talking in a terse manner right up until the end of the call. I wasn’t reprimanded nor was I written off, it was a pretty lax company with no (as far as I know and remember) quality assurance dept.

This is still the same company, though different caller, he called in and complained about the phone he got.

This company is one of those affiliated in Obama-care about phones, btw. I tried to be as polite as I possibly can and told him that the phones sent to customers are actually random and though we can put notes about the customers’ requests, we can’t guarantee it’ll be the phone they’ll get. Mind you, this is a FREE PHONE, with FREE CALL MINUTES and FREE TEXTS, though the amount varies from state to state and the phone is secondhand. But still, FREE PHONE, with FREE CALL MINUTES AND TEXTS.

The guy was asking for a brand new phone, the latest brand I just forgot what it was. When he finally got the hinted that he won’t get what he wanted, he won’t listen to me anymore, he said this: “This is what I say to you – GOOOOOOOOOODBYYEEEEEEE!!!” He said this in a really loud voice that it hurt my ears for a few minutes, but thankfully I already slammed the phone on him and never heard the end of his scream.

This is the only company where majority of my callers are choosingbeggars / entitled callers and made me almost lost my compassion to others and faith to humanity. Though the companies I later worked in does have their share of entitled/choosingbeggars, they’re nothing compared to this company.

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