Customer wants 4 phones to play Pokemon Go

Okay so this is by far the weirdest interaction I’ve come across in the year and a half I’ve been on the phones. I work in mobile retentions so we get our fair share of crazies…

So it comes as a transfer from another department: (PA = Previous Agent)

PA: “Hi, this customer wants to add a new connection on his account”

Me: “Oh that’s great! What’s he looking for”

PA: “Well he said the only thing he needs is a phone that has at least android 7.0 or newer” (almost any smartphone that still turns on will have this)

Me: “Oh okay that’s a bit weird, did he say why?”

PA: “Yes because he’s looking to play Pokemon Go and it requires Android 7.0 or newer. He already has 3 lines on the account for this but he’s requesting another one, I suggested we could just upgrade one of the lines though to get a newer phone”

Me: “Uhm okay… Well just pass him through”

At this point we just upgraded one of his lines for him and half way through the terms and conditions he says (completely out of the blue) he’s waiting for his PIP (benefits) payments to get another new connection.

So basically this guy was already paying about £100 per month for 3 separate lines just to play Pokemon Go and wanted to add another, but best of all, he’s using tax-payer money to do it!

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