How am I supposed to remember MY password?!?!

Me: thank you ma’am. And lastly I need your verbal password for the account

Customer: I don’t know my verbal password (starts mumbling possible passwords)

Me: I’m sorry ma’am. I need a definite answer. I can’t proceed without—

Customer: EXCUSE ME EXCUSE ME. How am I supposed to remember my password?! Let me use something else.

Me: ma’am. It’s something YOU set up specifically for the privacy of your accounts. You set it up so anytime you called, we have to have that so we know no one is calling and impersonating you.

Customer: this is ridiculous! I want a supervisor! How am I supposed to remember something I set up like that?

Me: ma’am. You set it up. I can find a supervisor if you don’t mind holding, however I may not have anyone available at this time so I can offer you a call back within 24-72 hours.

Customer: I don’t care! I want a supervisor!

Me: okay, let me place you on a hold while I go find one. i place her on hold knowing damn well my supervisor walked off the floor

customers hangs up as my supervisor walks back to the floor

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