He’s with another woman now…

I used to work for the collections department at a US lending company (auto finance). Just a little background the signer and the cosigner on the loan are divorced and the ex-wife (signer) is calling in…

Me: How can I help you today?

Her: I need to get my ex husband off the loan.

Me: Ma’am the only way to do that would be to refinance through another lender.

Her: Well he’s NOT going to be making ANY payments any time soon he’s with another woman now.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that ma’am.

Her: Oh it’s no big deal I got his truck and the house.

Me: Pauses

Me: Ma’am we cannot alter a legally binding contract. Until you refin-

Her: LISTEN TO ME, the COURT said I get the truck now so I would like you to do YOUR job and get my ex husband’s name off this loan.

Me: Ma’am I’m trying to explain that we cannot alter your loan contract. The court may say you get the vehicle but the contract still stands. You will have to go refinance through an-


Customer sighs loudly then hangs up

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