Got Fired Yesterday.

Hey all,

Obligatory long time lurker first time poster and on mobile. I have been with my company almost 3 years and they let me go for being sick, during a global pandemic, and I’m honesty at a loss for words.

I started experiencing symptoms similar to COVID-19 starting on Saturday. I reached out to my supervisor Sunday night and told him I was going to be out of office due to being sick and wanting to help flatten the curve as they say. Boss said sure, get a doctors note. So I did. I went to my primary care doc and although was not sick enough to be tested (tests are scarce where I’m at) was given a doctors note with instructions to stay home and isolated from others. I have had a fever since Saturday of about 102-100 fluctuating up and down and a cough with other cold/flu like symptoms and it’s been never ending. It started innocently enough and I still don’t know if I have it but am being proactive and quarantined myself with comfort meds and rest and that’s about all I can do right now.

Skip to yesterday and I’m getting the cold shoulder from my supervisor. Dodging my texts and calls. Ignores me almost all day then finally reaches out late afternoon yesterday. He’s now saying that these count as absences. And just happens to be that Tuesday was my “final absence” even though there was no communication of this to me. All the while my whole entire office is being told to pack up and work remotely. I’ve never had a bad thing to say about the place I worked and honestly still don’t. But the management is going to burn the place and department to the ground. I asked my boss if I could fax the note in from my doctor, nope not good enough. I was told Monday it was fine, then not even a full day later the script was flipped and I’m just at a loss for words and humanity. We have everyone telling us to stay home if we can and here I am, sick as a dog trying to prevent spreading anything, and I’m terminated for it.

I don’t really know what the point of this post is but just wanted to share for others who are maybe struggling with something similar. I guess I just needed to vent. Everyone is telling me that this is for the best, but it could not be a worse time to lose my job and health insurance. I am terrified for the weeks to come with making ends meet. I am incredibly grateful that I have a roof over my head and a good support system and most importantly my health because I know that there are so so many others facing much worse. But my god I’m scared.

So that’s really it, just needed to get this all out on paper. Thanks to anyone who read this and remember to be kind to one another. Stay safe out there people ❤️

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