Had a mini rock music at the office

This happened during christmas eve back in 2015, there was only, like, 10-15 people on the floor (all of us are on night shift) that’s not including the people from security.

We didn’t have much calls and most of us are from the technical support department, on a whim, my acting team lead opened youtube and played a van halen song onn speaker, loud enough for all of us to hear, but not loud enough to disrupt our work. Hey, we’re bored people. Don’t ask for the title, I forgot.

Anyways, I was suprised and looked over to him, our work station are close by each other, and asked if he just played a van halen song. He looked at me in surprise that I knew the band, since I don’t normally look like a person who knows van halen. He asked how I knew about the band and told him that though I’m not a fan, I listen to their songs sometimes

This exchange between me and dear ol’ leader made everyone talked about their own favorite bands and rock music in general. By sheer luck or coincidence, everyone on the floor that night, were fans of rock music and during the boring hours (again, it’s a slow night and we’re bored people), we talked about our preferences and favorite bands, songs, if we played any instruments. Awesome leader even accepted song requests throughout the shift.

It was a fun night, rare for a call center really, the only downside is the spoiled penne spaghetti from the catering service.

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