Entitled old lady

Today I had an inbound call , she called asking me why I called ( I havent called out to anyone yet ) so I told her I needed an acct number or full social to assist her….she responded ( I dont have time to discuss that WHAT WAS THE CALL ABOUT!) Again I relay info , I need acct or social Finally she provides info . I tell her what’s taking place on the acct …and also noticed that no one has called her so just wondering why shes freaking out …..then she asked me for a call back number…then a call back number for other depts then started demanding all agents names and all supervisors names from all depts…. she was talking to me like sht on the phone, entitled AF, she then started saying I’m suing you and your company and who ever called me ima tell my lawyer to call you guys back…. I was ok thankyou have a good day …then she goes back to arguing about name again …I want a name …. I want a name!!! ……SHE HUNG UP ON ME …..CALLS BACK AND SAY I HUNG UP ON HER ….FILING A COMPLAINT ON ME with a sup then another rep …. made other reps put my name on the notes and talk bad about me . Now I’m like ……. really ? Lady? Shes trying so hard to get at me…….cause a whole commotion.

I’m like whatever bi**** lmao

I have no remorse for entitled ppl.

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