Booking Failed? Just make it not failed! (and some other smaller stories)

So I work as a Travel Agent for a certain Credit Card companies Travel Site.

I been on our production floor for about two months, and since my department is more about assisting with booking and checking on trips, a lot of the time people are usually calling us aren’t in a bad mood, and some are even outright chill and a lot of those who aren’t simply called the wrong department. we are given lots of swing to do what we can for our customers, no limits on calls (since some people might take an hour to decide what they want to book.) or any real quotas on selling people on things (there are only incentives if we happen to do a lot, but it’s not expected.)

Despite how cool this place can be we all get our set of customers that just either so rude for no reason, can’t understand why things don’t work they want, or why X doesn’t work how they assumed.

Don’t get me wrong I have had a few upset customers with genuine reasons to be upset (First that comes to mind is a customer who upgraded to a more expensive card for a benefit we stopped offering 2 years ago, he got the card that week)

But some things just take the cake on a level of “I refuse to understand”.

One such story for me was one I got this last weekend. Where due to a website issue we had the night before, neither we, nor customers using our site could make any bookings. (Travel stuff + Corona means everything is breaking) This customer attempted to book this same flight 25 times. which he confirmed simply by 25 $1 validation charges (which falls off, just there to make sure the card is valid)

Guy is fuming despite calling back after the issue the night before I take him through security to verify who he is + pull up any info i can see on his account (which isnt much, just enough to assist with travel).

First he goes off about “Look at all the charges!” I tried to explain I can’t see his charges, only what was charged if im looking at a particular itinerary. which he didn’t understand because the last person he talked to could, but that because he was transferred to me from cm services.

After finally getting him to understand that mess, he then proceeds to get mad I can’t find any of the trips he booked (That’d because they failed so nothing was there)

If it doesnt go through it wont be there since you dont have a booking.

Apparently the CM services got him one of our Intinerary ID’s for one of the trips to give us. alright cool I can look at something, so i put it in, it pulls up, boom Staus:Failed. I explain to him and he’s mad because again he tried and he just wants this flight. Im like alright but since this one failed you just need to go and Book it again since our tool is working again. ez pz…..nope he doesn’t want to, on top of that, he doesn’t even want me to book it for him. He wants me to take that failed booking and just make it not failed. wot. We can’t just force that through, and the guy just will not accept it. period. It would take either him or I like 10 min to just try booking it again. but no he just wants me to magically force a booking, that for all I know probably doesn’t even exist anymore because thats how airline tickets tend to be. Proceed to spend 5 minutes reexplaining I can’t just make it not failed until he hangs up on me. All i can imagine he did at that point is call to get someone else. so god bless who ever got that guy.

Honestly, like 99% of calls is people just so unable to process what we tell them it blows my mind, If i were in our service team (which is basically just like me in sales but with a tool that lets them do even more) I could understand the frustration since we have had like 500+ calls in queue this week, with 2h+ wait times. but mine are basically instant if you call my department.

Like one customer called me, wanted to book a trip, simple easy, Just have to get them through security so I can get in their account and book them.

Question 1: Whats your card number? “Ummm I’m not giving you that, this is a scam!” Ma’am… I am (Credit Card Company), I simply need it to pull up your account. “If you were really (CCC) You’d already have my information!” um… ma’am I can’t even see your account to see any info until i get this info to get into your account. Finally, she agrees and gives it to me, awesome

Question 2: Whats the security code on the card “Absolutely not This is a scam! if you were (CCC) you’d already have that information!” again, i can’t even get into your account to see anything until I get these 3 questions answered. hell even when im in I can’t even see that info.
At this point it becomes a fight between me and her about it being a scam because I can’t magic into an account i dont have the info to see until she hung up. cool.

And for one that isn’t really one…but i basically get this same call a lot lately due to the Corona Virus.
Since a lot of people are canceling trips or things are being canceled due to it. so naturally a lot of people need service, Again I’m not service, and AGAIN the wait time has been like 2h+. Despite this many people get into the right queue and will wait a good 1h 30m Until they give up and call back into the wrong queue (my queue) just to get me, tell me what they need, just to be informed they need to be transferred back into the right queue, which would be fine until they start getting mad that what they were hoping was a roundabout way to skip a line, especially when half these people could have been next in queue. And none of them can just accept they really goofed themselves.
Like I swear some people really don’t get that they are clearly not the only person with this problem.

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