1.5 Hour Long Complaint Call

I work at a call center that deals with hotel reservations. I also have a supervisory position there. I’m not a manager, but I do have increased responsibilities and oversee the other agents. Tonight, an agent transferred a call to me, as our customer service department is only open during the day on weekdays. The man was upset for multiple reasons and rambled so much that it took me forever to figure out what was going on. He stated that a hotel of ours “threw him out”. Upon further investigation, the man wanted to extend his hotel stay, but couldn’t because the hotel was sold out for the nights he wanted. He became belligerent, and was escorted off the property by the police. The police then escorted him to a different hotel by a different hotel chain. He stated that at this different hotel, a woman busted into his room and attempted to kill him. Basically, he blamed our hotel company for this because “if we would have just let him stay at our hotel, then he wouldn’t have went to this other hotel in the first place”. He continuously spoke in nonsense sentences and used exploitative language in reference to staff at our hotel. I could barely get a word in with this guy, because he blamed everything on us and was extremely rude. I told him that the situation at the other hotel had nothing to do with our hotel and that if he felt unsafe, he needed to contact the local authorities because there was really nothing I could do about the situation. It’s ridiculous to claim that our hotel being sold out is the reason someone supposedly tried to hurt him. He stated he was recording this entire conversation and was going to send it to his lawyers. He constantly asked for my last name and the address of our call center. I felt extremely unsafe and refused to give him this information. You never know what someone might do, especially when they are that angry. Eventually, my manager had to get involved, and this man had the audacity to ask my manager for his personal cell phone number. He also demanded we find out the number of the manager of the hotel he was currently staying at. We explained multiple times that we could not track down the number of someone that works for a different hotel company, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. I had to take a break after he finally disconnected the call. Definitely the most outrageous call I have ever had to deal with.

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