Customer Annoyed that "a little wind" Knocked over a Cell Tower (Ft. Malicious Compliance)

TLDR at the bottom.

Reading all the entitled clients during this pandemic, or COVID-Karens as I call them, reminded me of a story back in October 2017.

A few years ago I was working in messaging correspondence for a telecom company via the app or company website. We handled account questions, tech support, the works.

I had a customer reach out and ask why her services were shut off. I asked the usual probing questions of how many bars she has, how long this has been going on, and then the winning question of where this was happening.

Client gives me the address and I see it’s Miami, Florida. This told me everything and the field coverage report in her area told me everything. This was when Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Florida and knocked out several of our towers. This was just as the storm had passed their area.

I had the client run through a few quick function checks and the results proved the signal was indeed out due to the towers being physically knocked over (field engineers reports). She still had WiFi at her place so she was able to message in.

I relayed the information and offered to show her how to turn a computer into a working phone at no cost in the meantime. She dismissed me immediately.

“Why would a little wind be a problem? I can barely hear the wind.”

Now, I know Floridians are used to hurricanes to a certain extent but this was still an asinine question as power was knocked out in most of her area. Her being able to use WiFi was a miracle in an of itself.

I told her that high winds from a category 5 hurricane literally knocked the tower over, it was in the field notes by the engineer on site who took pictures of it.

“What is your company going to do to make this right?”

Ah, the real reason she reached out. She wanted credits but we don’t actively suggest that.

Me: Glad you asked, we are deploying our mobile tower units to your area and I can show you how to turn any WiFi enabled tablet, computer, or laptop into a working phone using a free service we offer. How does that sound?

Customer: That’s not good enough! Your towers couldn’t withstand a little wind and now I cannot make calls for my business. I’ll ask again, what’re you going to do to make this right? Do I need to take my business elsewhere?

Malicious compliance engaged.

Me: OK, having a cellular phone and working service is critical for your business so here’s what I can do, how about I estimate an adjustment for the time you’ve been affected from today to say tomorrow. How does that sound?

Customer: About time! Yes, that’ll work.

Me: Great, so you pay $50 a month for a single line. 50/31 days is $1.62 a day day rounded so times 2 days is $3.24. I’ll get that applied right away. I’ll also notate the account that this was the amount you agreed to in the event you need to reference this chat. Stand by and I’ll make this work for you.

Customer: Wait, that’s it?!

Me: Yes, did you have any questions about my math or how I came to that number?

Customer: No, continue.

Me: Of course.

She gave me a 0 survey score but whatever, she tried reaching out again to fish for another answer but we had the chat archived and the agreement in the notes so no one gave additional credits.

TLDR: Lady threw a fit that her service was interrupted by Hurricane Matthew, wanted credits, so I gave it to her based on time affected.

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