Arrogance and Alcohol don’t mix

Work for an ISP

This happened a little over 4 years ago

Slightly revised notes copy pasted –

Customer very arrogant and demanding on phone. Saying we are not worth his time to talk to and he is very important person and that this situation, needs to be resolved quickly. Saying is his way or no way. Sounds a bit drunk as well. Says his bill does not add up. Went over item by item with him using calculator and reading off each entry and result and yes it added up. Customer is 30 days past due and has late fee. Says “I am not paying any F***ing late fee” had he asked still just in time that I could remove. Stating this. Yeah you are.

One week later, 4 calls and voice mails now up for being disconnected for non payment. No payment made is disconnected.

Another week later, he goes into local office in that town here are the notes

– Customer calming he didn’t know about the bill and wanted to be reconnected. NOW with all fees waived. He is drunk and I am typing this as he is yelling at me. He has made no payment since he was installed beyond the initial set up fee. I am messaging supervisor now.. Per the supervisor I am to request him to leave the office or the police will be called and a technician is heading back to the office now for security reasons as well. Customer left of own accord. Per supervisor we are not waiving any fees.

Later same day –

Customer leaned head inside office and said he wants the fee waived. I told him we would not. He said he refuses to pay the bill and if we don’t hook him back up he will keep our equipment and that will show us, and then he left.

Former customer a month later in collections. Later told my local office name in paper for being arrested for drunk and disorderly on another date. Still in collections status with us all these years later. Yeah you sure showed us.

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