Caller asks for supervisor when I can’t make a decision for him.

A little context. I work for city government and we give information for city services/programs. (complaints, info for coronavirus, public benefits, etc) It’s very important when someone asks for help that we stick to the information we have in our system. We cannot give opinions, suggestions or anything like that no matter how simple or “common sensey” the question is.

Caller: I had an appointment today and they told me they would call me but when I try calling them, they’re not answering. I need my prescription but idk if they’re open, should I just go?

Me: Sir, I understand (y’know, acknowledgment of frustration) unfortunately, I cannot tell you if you should go or not. That’s a decision you’d have to make.

Caller goes on rant about how no one in America has answers for him. No one can tell him anything and then goes:

“So you’re telling me I should go, huh? So if I have Covid, I’m giving it to other people and they’re giving it to me!”

After explaining AGAIN that I cannot tell him if he should still go or not..

Caller: So what can you do?


Caller: I’ll tell what you can do. I’m good at this. Get me your supervisor!

Supervisor proceeds to tell him the exact same thing I said. 🙂

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