I want credit for free stuff I didn’t pay for

Work for and ISP/Cable Co.

A few years ago we had an area that had a free HD channel package that came along with their rental of a DVR from us.

Lady calls in who had just come on as what is called a snowbird meaning they leave an area during the warm months of the service area, then come back during the cold seasons in their home area. Their account had been on hold for 4 months. They had only been with us 2 months before the shutdown. She calls to set back up for the season.

She asks about the HD channels, I see they were not added to the account and they had a DVR. She comes all kinds of unglued. She wants 6 months of credit for the time they did not have the channels. I remind her these are free channels HD versions of channels they already receive. (early days of HD) “I don’t care I want credit” I remind her AGAIN, they are free.

I finally come to the point and say” I could give you 110% credit on what you paid for them and that would be 0. Let alone the account has been on hold for 4 months and you were not billed for anything during that time.”

“Good you do that I want 110% credit”

giving up at that point because she kept going in a circle. Ok fine, but with a grin. “Fine that is what I’ll put on the account” and I noted it, 6 months free HD channel credit 0.00 applied to account.

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