Muh Streamer Privilege

TL:DR – Being a streamer is not a “get out of shit” card for the mess you create; keep your unwarranted self-importance out the door when dealing with customer support.

So I deal with account management, namely for the gaming industry. It has its perks and bragging rights, but it also has its pitfalls. This involves dealing with customers that wish to give you a hard time, for the sake of giving you a hard time. The worst offenders by far, has been those who do a side hustle streaming games for dosh. As far as the job goes, until I have more examples otherwise, these kind of customer are on my proverbial shit list. I had two instances noteworthy as to why this is the case.

Situation One – “Talk shite, get banned!”:

So Streambro1 one, as I like to call them, calls in citing their account has been temporarily banned. Naturally all goes well in verification process, until the meat of the matter comes to light: because they used abusive language. So I explain that to Streambro1, who immediately goes to challenge the verdict. Unless the situation was highly exceptional to warrant it, most times the network guys are right on the ball. It was at this point, Streambro1 thought that by citing he is a streamer, such would magically wave the ban away.

Yeah, good luck with that…it doesn’t. Streambro1 clearly wasn’t going to go away quietly and continue to be argumentative at this point, so I had to end the call.

Situation Two – “Two Face”

Now to preface this situation, this took place during our current situation with the coronavirus outbreak. At present, we are literally swamped with too much work to do as most of the world is on lockdown. We are short on help, and calls are coming in non-stop one after the other. As such, it becomes difficult to manage the email queue. Even our standard wait times to accomplish these requests and requests over the phone are put in jeopardy due to the massive influx.

It is in this situation that Streambro2 called wanting their account recovered. They provided all the details asked of them in e-mail. Now while he was polite on the phone (certainly miles better than Streambro1), on their e-mail, however, they were a completely different kettle of fish. The most hilarious part of the e-mail came as a “What’s taking you so long?! I’m a streamer! I am losing money every day I don’t have my account!”

As if stating that is going to make the process go any faster…it won’t. I’m not sure Streambro2 is aware, but last time I checked it’s the second bubonic plague out there, causing all sorts of pandemonium.


Pro-tip Streambros out there: If your livelihood and streaming income is so important, you shouldn’t get your accounts in hot water to begin with. It’s your account, it’s your responsibility; own up to it. We are not your bloody electronic babysitter. So when you get your huff in a puff, don’t take it out on us.


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