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I work as a customer service rep at an insurance agency. Specifically, I am licensed to service/endorse personal auto policies. Every now and then I’ll get the calls from people threatening to cancel their policy and look for other companies for a better rate. When that happens, we are supposed to give a retention effort, which includes making sure they’re getting every discount they’re eligible for, as well as asking what rate the other company gave for what coverage to see if the price is comparable.

My favorite thing in the world is when a rude/belligerent customer threatens to cancel, and I get to say, “go ahead.”

An example of this is a call I got last Saturday. The policy holder originally called to extend his policy. It was being non-renewed because he has been using his car for ridesharing (something like uber or lyft). As of January 1st, my company has decided to temporarily stop covering ride sharing because it was just costing us a lot more than expected. What I expect will happen is the higher ups will reevaluate the rideshare product and try to figure out how to price it so that it will be profitable. Until then ridesharing it isn’t covered under a personal auto policy. If you have already started a commercial/rideshare policy prior to 1/1, it will remain intact, so those people are still covered.

Anyway, I let him know that his policy is being non-renewed and that in order to extend his coverage, he has to send us a document from uber stating that his driving account has been closed and that he will no longer drive for them. He seems to take this well at first, until he asks why he needs to do that and I actually explain that the reason we need it is because we don’t cover ridesharing.

Y’all he was not happy. At this point he starts yelling and cursing at me because of this news. I can barely get a word in to explain the situation. People that rideshare are just a lost more at risk to be in an at-fault accident than people who don’t.

According to him, “That is discrimination! You can’t tell me what I can or can’t do with my car!” So I tell him, “Sir that is absolutely correct. You can do whatever you want with your car. But as a company, we can decide not to cover you for certain uses. Furthermore, we aren’t discriminating because it isn’t based on who you are as a person. Uber drivers aren’t a protected class in America.”

His response to that was, “Well maybe I’ll just look for another company.”

“Sir I suggest you do. Your policy with us ends on February 14th, after which you will have no coverage for your vehicle. If you don’t get a policy started by that date, you will have a lapse in liability, which in your state may cause you to get a fine from the DMV for up to $600. Other than reviewing your policy and your options, was there anything else I can help you with at this time?”

The stunned silence followed by the line disconnecting was the most satisfying thing ever. Was I a bit more rude than necessary? Probably. Do I feel bad that he isn’t going to be covered? Yeah. But don’t take it out on me, when I’m trying to help you and give you options.

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