How hard to set up a union in my call center

I work for a call center for a major bank. I see many posts about how bullshit numbers can be. Its very similar on how we get disciplined. There is obviously numbers for time on the phone but there are also numbers on hold times, times off the phone (if you are late or punch in early etc) how good your surveys are, and how well you follow policy.

You would think that is easy but the type of people that call in you would be surprised. Besides impossible numbers, the people who listen in on calls and write you up for not following policy can be petty. For a small example one of my friends had a call we all reviewed. cx had 2 addresses, international and domestic. cx verified both and when it came to shipping the replacement card to an address, my colleague asked if it was the domestic one or the international one. cx had no issue but quality control wrote her up. Not coached her. WROTE HER UP for that. Policy changes all the time and we have so many ideas or feedback that we want to submit but no one ones and the site leader doesnt care regardless.

Ive always thought that a union could help us. Maybe Im wrong and maybe this is a bit more of a rant but all I know is the perks of this job arent even all that great from the stress and the ever changing bs that goes around

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