We Are Not Going Anymore Because You Don’t Have a Buffet.

So at work today and i call this guy.

Me: Hey is John John Jabow There?

JJJ – Yeah that’s me.

Me: I’m calling because we like to invite you back to see a show and dinner for your birthday for a discounted rate.

JJJ – i was there last time. I was not happy.

Me: Oh how so?

JJJ – Well i was not happy with the dinner. I wanted some more but i had to pay extra for it. I get that the first dinner comes for free with the show. But i wanted more and i didn’t want to pay for more.

Me ; Ummm

JJJ – Yeah i ‘m going to the other place that does this but they have a buffet. So i can get as much as i want.

Me – Well, i’m sorry to hear. So no more calls to you?

JJJ- if you get a buffet yes, If no, then yes.

he hangs up

I tell my manager this and she says – “he does know that the buffet place charges way more than we do right?”

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