There’s a virus so I’d like a refund

Hello! Today’s story comes to you from a performing arts call center in NYC. Enjoy!

Me: Thank you for calling ________. How can I help you?

Caller: Hi, yeah, I’m a member and I have a few tickets to a few shows that are coming up. Yeah. I’d like to cancel them and get a refund please. I don’t want to be in the theater now that we have this virus going around. I don’t want to expose myself and my partner to it.

Me: I’m sorry but all tickets are final sale. You can exchange them for a later date or you can donate them for resale. You can claim them on your taxes, we’re a non-profit.

Caller: What? No. I want a refund. Considering the circumstances, surely you can make an exception. There’s a virus!

Me: I understand your concern but currently, we do not have the virus at our theater.


Me: …. Again, all tickets are final sale. We can exchange your tickets for a later date or donate it for a tax deduction.

Caller: You don’t understand. There is a virus going around and you would think you’d be considerate of other people. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean other people should suffer.

Me: … I’m sorry you feel that way but once again, I cannot refund your tickets. All tickets are final sale.

Caller goes on a long tangent about the virus and how we should implement exceptions into our policy, especially when there is a virus outbreak. Calls me a couple of colorful names. Accuses me of wanting people to suffer and die.

Me: Ma’am, please stop verbally abusing me.

Caller: Oh shut up! *Hangs up*

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