Tale of our unhelpful help desk

Another small tale of their unwillingness to help.

Background: Call center worker, but back end now. I kinda do outbound, meaning at most 2 calls every other day (I mostly call for info on their payments.) What I do is research on the tickets that the inbound agents take regarding missing or misapplied payments.

So I have a ticket, and it states the the customer (is very upset and is going to tell the CEO of [company]”. Ok, I laugh it off but understand it’s important, like all the other tickets, to get this resolved.

I work my magic and find out what happened: They made a payment back in 2018 on a check, with perfectly clear remittance, no confusion. Somehow, we apply their check payments to 3 out of 4 invoices listed, and the other amount went to a totally different company’s invoice. Again, perfect remittance, not sure what happened.

Regardless, 2018 is too old for us to fix, other than calling our help desk to get that invoice credited due to company error. Thus the following:

This call was at around 1pm

Rep answers with name of department, which includes “Customer Advocate” in it. I’ll be M, R is rep.

greeting, verification

M: I have an invoice that needs credited due to company error. They sent in the payment, but it was applied wrong and we can’t fix it.

R: They need to email Payment Research.

M: I’m in that department, I’m looking at their ticket, that’s why I’m calling you.

R: They need to send an email, I can’t credit them.

okaaay, that’s your job

We circle around, until I finally hang up after a sarcastic “thanks”.

3 hours later I try again, and get a very nice lady.

She is more than willing to help, and clears up that invoice.

So I tell her, “Thanks so much for your help! I appreciate it, the last rep didn’t even take the invoice number, he just refused to help!”


I’m just glad it got resolved, afterall, it wasn’t the customer’s fault.

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