Scam caller impersonating a woman

Title says enough!

In the utility company we work for, we get a lot of scam/fraudulent calls trying to obtain information about a company’s electricity account. This is, by far, is the oddest one.

A man called five times, each times introducing himself as ‘Alan the director’. He did not have the account information, only the name of the business name and site address, which is quite easily obtained on the internet.

My colleagues would query who he was, and then he would say, “hang on, I’ll just put you through to Rosie.” This would lead, each time, to him putting on a high pitched voice, and guessing data protection as ‘Rosie’ until we eventually hang up the call.

Each time a colleague flat out states, “I don’t believe you have transferred the call. Please confirm who I am talking to.”

Rosie is actually the first name of someone listed on the account as an accounts person, and Alan is a director of the company. But, the scam called did not know their last names or anything else about the account.

I haven’t had this call, but kinda wish he calls back just so I can hear ‘Rosie’.

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