Pharmacist don’t deserve lunch

I work for a very large PBM (pharmacy benefit manager) who does offer private insurance so every member that we have comes from insurance obtained through their employer. These members are either currently employed or are retired, this reason alone will help you understand why this call I had was so weird.


M- Thank you for calling, my name is Queenlekae90 can I have your name please?

PT- I am pissed!

M- ……Okay…..I’m sorry to hear that sir, can I have your name and maybe we can figure out how I can assist with your issue

PT- I went to my pharmacy and they were closed! I am beyond upset right now!!

M- So your pharmacy closed for the day?


M- Did your pharmacy close down??

PT- No!! They went on lunch!



M- Sir, I am here. I’m trying to understand. Your pharmacy did not close, they just went on lunch?

PT- Yes! and how dare they? I took time out of my Saturday to come pick up my med’s and they are closed!

M- OK, well how can I help you sir?

PT- You’re my insurance, do something about this! I need my med’s now! I do not want to wait for them to leisurely go about taking break’s and lunch’s they are intended to be open to serve the public not stuffing their faces! Pharmacist don’t deserve lunch!

M- (at this point i’m just appalled on behalf of all pharmacist out there) Sir I can assure you that the pharmacist and techs do indeed deserve a lunch as they are at work and no one can truly expect them to work a full shift without at least 30 minutes to rest. Now you are employed, do you take lunch?

PT- Yes, I have an hour lunch (he says this proudly)

M- Wow! A full hour, you are truly blessed (with a smile) but those poor pharmacist, sometimes its just 1 working and they only get 30 minutes and just imagine a lot of pharmacies just started giving them mandatory lunches. So I just wanted to give you a bit of perspective sir. I apologize you weren’t able to get your meds when you arrived at the pharmacy but we’ve been on this call now about 10 minutes so I can call your pharmacy to ensure your meds are ready so when you arrive you can pay and go, is that OK?

PT- (Now, thankfully calm) Yes that is fine thank you. Their lunch was done about an hour ago but I was so upset I thought my insurance had something to do with this.


So I spent about 10 more minutes explaining to the member how we as an insurance company cannot control his pharmacy and they can do as they please as they are a completely different entity from us. Member finally understood and allowed me to call his pharmacy to give them a heads up.

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