24-hour Stores and B*thcy Handicapped Lady

This more a rant, this lady annoyed me more that she should’ve because I am disabled and I hate people who use it as an excuse for getting what they want or feeling that it makes this owed something.

The company whose call center that I work in is a Retail Chain in the Midwest, and most of the stores are open 24 hours. We have a few that are not due to area or interest, but those are not the subject today. Now, as most of you know a 24-hour store does not typically mean that all of the depts. are open 24 hours, for us it Service Desk, Meat/Seafood, Pharmacy(we do have some 24-hour pharms), Deli/Hot Food, and Electronics. This from my experience is pretty standard for most 24-hour stores. On to our Saga.
M: Me BHL: B*thchy Handicapped Lady

M: Standard greeting, introduction.

BHL: You are a 24-hour store correct?”

M: Yes, but some depts. have limited hours BHL: Can you tell which ones?

M: Rambles off the list from above

*BHL Uses Rage Mode


M: *apologizes* We keep our self-service area open, but due to low usage of our manned depts. they close at a set time.

BHL: Well that is not right, I am handicapped, and I come into that store and I expect that if I need something someone can help me. What if I need something from a high shelf, what do I do them? M: We do have staff in our self-service areas that are able to retrieve products for you or assist you in locating products.

BHL: BUT I AM HANDICAPPED! And I want to come in late and you don’t have anyone to help me. M: In our grocery and produce area, for example, we do have staff that can help you, just not in the depts. that I listed before.

BHL: But you always move stuff and I can’t see well, what I a supposed to do if I need a Greeting Card and need help reading it. (I had about 1,000 snarky comments running through my mind, I am a customer service android.)

M: Greeting cards are one of our self-service, for example, areas, and there is a person that can come over and help you with that, just use the Red Phone and someone will come right to you.

BHL: I am afraid that you don’t understand how 24-hours works. And your company needs a lesson on what it means to be 24-hours, people need help, they need to find things, I AM HANDICAPPED AND DON’T SEE WELL and I need people to help me.

**Please take note that every time she has bitched about getting help it is not one of our time-restricted depts. that I have said have staff available, and just as a side note, the MOD is there and they will help find anything, there are two dozen stockers that will also help.

At this point the call became a loop, she would bitch about being handicapped, needing help and not being 24-hours, all the time never listing a closed dept. as one she would be shopping in. Now at least twice a week I will get someone who complains that we should have every dept. open at all hours, some even trying to tell that this is the Law, but something about this bitch just pissed me off. I mean seriously don’t complain about a dept not being open when you don’t need that dept when you come and the icing on the cake; she tells me that because of vision issues she comes to the store during the day.

Dear Call Center Gods,
May I please have an option to euthanize callers who no longer deserve the right to oxygen. Just a button on my Softphone, preferably a piece of random space debris will crash on them the next time they try to leave their homes.
I promise I have been a good call center android
Thank you, and All praise the mute button.

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