Number Pacing

I work for a local ISP & part time for an online catalog company. I take all types of service calls both places but billing & order placing are my priority. I have credit card numbers read to all day every day 4 to 12 hours a day.

People’s pacing when reading card numbers is all over the place. Visa, Mastercard & Discover people generally give you numbers in groups of 4 with a slight pause between each – 1234…5678…9012…3456 – Some expect you to read it back, some wait for some verbal sign to move on like “Okay”. This is fine, normal behavior.

You get the long pauses after each number people – 1…..2…..3…..4…..5….etc – Slightly annoying as it takes forever but not really a problem.

There are the speedy readers – 1234567890123456 – that give you no time at all to type it all in before they are giving you the exp date & CCV. They get mad when you go to validate the card & it fails & speed read the number back to you & you can hear the exasperation in their exhales when you decide to just repeat it back to them & let them correct you.

Then there are the number groupers – 12..34…56..78.. etc – isn’t too bad; it makes a certain rhythmic sense.

But people who say -123..45…6….789..01…..2..34…5…6, when you damn well the numbers are in groups of 4 – are just fucking with you. And there are more of them than you realize out there.

But the worst are those who say the numbers not individually but combined. So not “one, two three, four” but instead “twelve, thirty four, fifty six” or other random combinations. Today I had a guy give me his card number as “One hundred twenty three, forty five, six, seven hundred eighty nine, oh one, twenty three, forty five, six”

What the ever loving hell is that?

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I hate this type of call pt 1.

Customer steals, is given free money, then freaks out.