Customer steals, is given free money, then freaks out.

I dealt with a customer the other day that contacted us through our LiveChat support, and was absolutely LIVID from the start.

~But first, we must take a step back to few months ago, when they first contacted us.~

In November we were contacted by someone (we’ll call them Bob) that had noticed unauthorized charges on their company card. Turns out a disgruntled ex-employee (we’ll call them Chris) had used the company card to create a new subscription through our service. After getting verification of the payment information from Bob we refunded the amount charged and removed the card from the account.

We contacted Chris, who created the account, and let them know that Bob asked us to remove the payment information and the account will close in 1 week if new payment information they are authorized to use is not provided. Chris never responded to us but ended up adding Bob’s information from again to keep their account open and the process repeated with us refunding Bob. However, this time we closed Chris’ account.

About a week later Chris contact us furious that we closed the account. We explained the situation to them and they got out of hand saying the we closed their account with someone else’s permission without contacting them (we did contact them, they chose not to respond). Chris became more and more out of hand and demanded we five them a discount. To make them happy and get rid of them, we added a 50% credit to their account balance for an annual subscription, which is $150. We also gave them 1 month free.

Being a selling platform that allows users to transfer their account balance to their bank account….The next day, Chris requested this $150 to be transferred to their bank account. Typically our accounting team is not supposed to allow this, but for some reason this slipped through and the amount was deposited to their bank.

~this bring us to the present~

Chris chatted in angry yesterday. The account had attempted to renew automatically at full cost of $300. Cussing at me and insulting the company, they said we were supposed to give them 50% off for our “incompetent screw up” that they had to deal with when their account was closed.

I told Chris the exact date that the $150 was provided to their account balance and told them the exact day the money was transferred out of their account. I also apologized since that balance should not have been allowed to be transferred. But I reassured them that we did provide them with the $150.

Chris went into a complete blind rage and insulted me as a person, the accounting team as a whole, and the company as a whole. They said that “once again” they would have to clean up after our “mess”. Chris also said that they would be making a Twitter account specifically to inform “everyone” about how “shitty” the company is.

I apologized again for the frustration that this mistake has caused, but again assured them that they have indeed been provided a courtesy $150 whether it was in their account with us or bank account, it was still provided to them.

They then said that my response was the same “fuckery” and that they’d be emailing the accounting person that gave them the $150 to let them know how “bullshit” this all is.

The moral of the story: steal from a former employer, complain until you get free money, and then get angry that you were given free money.

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