I hate this type of call pt 1.

Me = me CH= customer

So I work as a CSR for multiple banks. (I can’t name them sorry). One of my banks is American, 2 Canadian and 1 out of both countries. My first call of the day:

Me: “Hello thank you for calling CCCC today this is Jaxzeus can I get blah blah blah.” (I would say in 50% of the time I have to repeat my intro again because they didn’t hear me).

CH: “hi I’m calling to activate my card”

Me: I’ll help you with that can I have #########

CH: gives ##########

Me: thank you and your name please (sometimes I have to repeat my self 10+ times because they can’t understand me due to my accent) (that is a whole other story)

CH: gives name (some spell it which I hate because it wastes time) (also when people call to report card lost they give me their name like Ashley rose but it’s spelt like ashleeye rhoseeee but they don’t spell it for you. And your like dude no wonder I can’t find your account. But then when they give you the spelling of their name they spell it so fast that you can’t keep up and then they get all huffy and act like your dumb as they say it super slow or still too fast back to you)

Me: and your full (make sure I say full very clearly) address?

CH: 123 ABC

Me: Ok and that’s your full (again full) address?

CH: yup.

Me: I apologize but look like the info here needs to be updated I’ll have to send you to another dept please hold.

Transfers to fraud

If the customer fails any part of their address including not providing all parts of address you have to transfer to fraud.

This is quite annoying when I have to fail someone before they can’t provide province usually because of a language barrier.

For almost all off my calls for my Canadian banks and the 1 out side of USA I have to prompt them for the full address. (95%)

I guess I was fed up with this call so I didn’t bother prompting.

Also this is usually how verification of an address goes:

Me: can I get your full address?

CH: 123 ABC (50% of they time they provide ST)

Me: ok and is that ABC Ave cres….

CH: oh ST.

Me thank you, and the (slows my pace down a bit; I talk too fast I’m working on it) city, province/ postal code?

Ch: gives postal code.

Me: and they city and province?

CH: gives city (I thought they would catch on by now)

Me: and province….. (Trying to pretend that I didn’t just ask that 3 times plus the 2 full address comment)

CH: gives province

Me: thank you (internally screaming).

I have more call center stories like this let me know if you want them. Also please be kind if there is any spelling mistakes or grammer mistakes. I am great math awful with language.


I hate people who don’t verify the full address.

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