Today was my last day in a call center! I didn’t have the job for very long (approximately 8 months) but the client based were the most entitled people I have ever dealt with! I worked for a huge insurance company and handled the benefits and explained claims for the employees of said company. Here are some of the most memorable calls:

1-Man screamed at me for 40 minutes because he couldn’t buy a CPAP machine. It was rent to own and he just wanted to straight up buy it and when I told him that wasn’t possible, he belittled me and made me break down crying. My supervisor called him back just to tell him he has been banned from calling again.

2-Lady called in wanting a supervisor. She started off with “I work for COMPANY” and went off on me about why she has to pay a provider for services upfront. I went through and explained that they can charge for their services up front and once the claim comes through and they overcharged the member, we can get the refund process started. She said that was unfair and wanted us, as the insurance, to put money in her HSA account before her appointment. She was so mad that before she called it, she already notified our account manager so they were already working on it. The supervisor on duty was not happy taking that call.

3-And lastly, one of my final calls today, this lady called in and was so upset because she wanted this benefit for surgery but needed to complete a program that’s part of the insurance first. The closest location to her was over 2.5 hours away. She screamed and screamed and screamed. It was actually so rewarding telling her I would not be getting her a supervisor because my supervisor would say the exact same thing. She got so upset she wanted to cancel her benefits. I got her over to HR and explained the situation and the HR rep took the call but not before laughing because it’s not a qualifying life event to cancel her benefits.

I did learn some things for myself about insurance and how to make the most of it but honestly, I am just glad I am out!

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