He Has Flying Goggles

Happened in a live chat, but we are in a call centre. Happened to a colleague as well but still very worth bringing up. On mobile warning.

So we’ve just launched a new release, I won’t say what in case of giving away who I am but it basically is something you can build a plane with. We have a CS live chat on the website that just went live on Wednesday and our first customer came through to my colleague, S. She was stunned by the message and laughing her ass off, so I of course asked to see it. What did they say?

“Can my hamster fit in the cockpit? He has flying goggles and everything!”

That’s cute but like?? I have a few questions.

S had no idea how to respond, and ask everyone if they knew if I hamster could fit in the plane. No one had any idea, not just because we weren’t the manufacturers and didn’t have a model on hand, but because no one thought to put a hamster in the plane!

I said to tell them could depend on the size of their hamster, someone else said possibly but it’s probably not safe due to all the small pieces. The customer responded with disappointment and closed the chat.

S is still speechless whenever she thinks of it.

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