My child did not purchase that game!

So I work for one of the big wireless providers in customer service. Every now and then you’ll get a call with content charges on the bill from google play and the Microsoft store. Lady called in livid about a $75 charge for fortnight on her bill and disputing it. After fact finding that she has a child, with a xbox who’s plays that game more than any other and has his own phone I informed her that her son chose the billing from the xbox to be applied to the bill.

Of course she told me that’s inaccurate and he didn’t do it or if he did he didn’t know what he was doing. Okay ma’am, I have a xbox as well. In order for a charge to be applied you have to change the payment method, then verify a code Microsoft sends to the phone number that’s put in, then it sometimes sends a second one to confirm the purchase. Then you get a text from from us, your wireless provider that a purchase was done. We can see what time it was done, which phone number authorized it and that consent was provided. He cannot just hit one button and buy it. Lady yells for her son and I can hear her ask him and he denies it. I tell her how to go on the xbox and confirm the purchase and she does and thanks me and promptly hangs up.

I would feel bad for the kid, but he knew what he was doing and then lied. You’re not as smart as you think you are.

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