It doesn’t really have an address?

So I’ve posted a few times here. I work in insurance and today I was taking an RV add call. So these are pretty straightforward and takes maybe 10 mins or less total. This guy called in and wanted to quote his RV. He shall hence forth be referred to as DAF (Dummy in the airforce).

So after I got the year make and model (which of course he didn’t have the model number so we kinda had to make an educated guess) I start getting everything else I need.

Me: alright sir, do you by chance have a commercial drivers license? It’s not typically required but we want to make sure we have all the correct info on this policy.

DAF: yeah I actually do!

Me: kinda surprised oh great! The reason we ask is because you get a discount for it.

DAF: Did not miss a beat at all oh well I actually don’t. I thought I did but I don’t.

How the F do you not know if you have a commercial drivers license or not?

Me: Okay.. Where is the RV going to be kept when it’s not being used?

DAF: At (blank) airbase

Me: oOkay, but what’s the address?

DAF: Yeah, it’s at (blank) airbase.

Me: Yeah, I know. But what’s the address for it?

DAF: It doesn’t really have an address, though.

Me: It doesn’t have an address?

DAF: Yeah it’s just (blank) airbase.

Me: Uhm, okay.

So I google it. And find an address within .5 seconds

Me: Well, I found a 123 main st address, does that sound right?

DAF: Zip code 12345?

Me: Yeah.

DAF: Yeah, that’s the address.

How hard is it to say you don’t know the address vs saying a government airbase doesn’t have an address?

I really wanted to ask him, “Okay, so when you were first stationed there they just said go to this airbase and if you can’t find it follow the planes cause there’s no address??”

So we insure it and I thought we were done.

DAF: So do I need to call other insurance company now?

Me: ?? What?

DAF: Yeah, do I need to call them?

Me: Sir, I’m not sure what you’re talking about? What other company?

DAF: To cancel my insurance on my RV

It never occurred to him that firstly, we don’t even know you have current insurance on your RV because you didn’t tell us in the beginning and secondly, why are you asking a random question with no background and just assuming I know the answer? I just told him he should call them to cancel it as of midnight tonight

Last quick rant: How come every time I tell a customer that we have the vin incorrect and could they please verify it with me they read it from the paperwork we sent??? If I have it wrong in my system then it’s wrong on your paperwork too!!

How hard is that to understand. I have to preface those calls by saying “from your registration” or they think from their paperwork from US is going to somehow show the correct vin.

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