Something to tickle the funny bone

There was a time when I was taking calls for a shipping company, and in between calls like this one, it was hard to continue taking them. Customers were abusive, irrational, and weren’t afraid to tell you to fuck off. Then comes this gem.

A lady called in from (assumedly) an equestrian office. I answer the call, “Hi thanks for calling *****, how can I help?” And the last thing I expected to hear came out of her mouth. For the following ten minutes, it was all about “fresh, chilled semen” and can she ship it? How does she ship it? How fast does it get there, etc. Eventually after so long of hearing “fresh, chilled semen”, I had to put myself on mute and burst into tears laughing so hard. Eventually I was able to make it through the call, but in an environment where calls are mostly about furniture, clothing, or care packages, it was quite refreshing to have something to laugh at.

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