Guy threatens government agency and I get $50 for speaking with the secret service.

Sorry it’s a little long. TLDR at the end.

I was just recalling a call I had on the other call center subreddit and this story popped up in my mind. So I thought I would share.

At the time I was working “technical support” for a government funded insurance’s website and we had a guy that everyone knew about cause he would call in or chat in constantly and threatened a few female CSRs. He only spoke with females that had a high pitch voice. In fact right before I got this call he had called in and I got him but I needed to cough so my voice was rougher. He hung up. By the time he called back I had coughed and he started talking to me.

So now onto the story. Characters: Me for me and PG for paranoid guy.

Me: “Thank you for calling * technical support”. This punk023. Can I get your Insurance number?”

PG: If you hang up on me I will be pissed.

Me: I promise I won’t hang up on you. How can I help you?

PG: The last person hung up on me and if you hang up on me I promise I will fly down to the city the Superbowl champs are from (we are not located in that town but I do love that team). I will hire hitmen and shoot up the government agency in charge of the insurance.

Me: Is that a threat?

PG: Yes.

Me: I promise I won’t hang up on you and I am happy to assist you. Can I get your Insurance number?

I won’t bore you with the rest. As it was about 5 minutes of going back and forth to get his number to pull up his record. Then he wanted me to remove an authorization he put on with the name: no name authorization. Of course I couldn’t do that it’s a invalid authorization already and it expired at midnight. So he threatened to kill me and I hung up on him.

So of course there is a lot of paperwork after that call because you can’t threaten a government agency on a recorded line. So my supervisor and I filled it out. It gets sent up the chain of command and to the secret service.

Next day I get called to HR and a secret service officer is there. He had to interview me about the call. My favorite part was when he asks my name. I give it and he goes why did you answer with a different last name? I had to explain we give alias names to our callers. So they can’t find us.

Interview went fine and I went back to work taking calls. The next paycheck I got, I received an email thanking me and said I was getting $50 for taking time to speak with the feds. Not that I had any choice but that was a nice surprise.

The sad part of all of this was it took threatening a government agency to get law enforcement involved. Not the many times he called threatening to kill our female CSRs.

TLDR: Guy threatens government agency on recorded line. I have to talk to the feds and get $50 bonus for doing so.

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