Got a customers phone number flagged today *long*

I work inbound sales at a call center for a cruise company. Sometimes we will get guests calling in to the sales line (either on accident, or on purpose) even if they already have a reservation, and they are not looking for more rooms. When this happens, it effects out numbers negatively, when conversion is low, it effects our commission, and there for, our pay check.

Now we do get service calls on the sales line at least a couple times today, but today for some reason was on a whole other level. (Today, out of 24 calls, 14 of them were service… I ended the day with 8% conversion. Our minimum goal is 38%… )

So this lady calls in already irritated. I asked what I could help her with, and she refused to tell me. She said she has been on the phone with us for 6 hours in the last couple of days trying to get something fixed, and she didn’t want to explain herself to yet ANOTHER person. I get that, it sounded pretty serious.

I asked her if she knew who it was she was working with (if it was outbound, or resolutions, I would be able to get her connected) She said that she had worked with Lisa and Mike. We have hundreds of employees, so first names aren’t going to cut it unless you’re my supervisor with a strange spelling for a common name that we only have 2 of. I let her know that I wasn’t able to find them on first name alone, and asked if she would be willing to give me her reservation number so I can see who she was speaking with. (The system automatically logs who has been in the reservation, and the agents also leave notes.)

She gives me the reservation, and I put her on hold so I could figure out who was working on this. Boy oh boy, there were a TON of notes. All the first contact agents she has called has been inbound sales agents, one of them actually from my team. We don’t have external extensions, so we cannot transfer calls to each other. (the extensions are used for IT purposes)

I get back on the line after a couple minutes, and I let her know that unfortunately, because everyone she has spoken to is from inbound sales, that I would not be able to transfer her, but I would be willing to help her as best as I could. She REFUSED to tell me anything about what was wrong. I understand that repeating yourself to a new person every call is very frustrating (it would help if she selected the prompt that say ‘I already have a reservation’ to get a SERVICE agent), but there was literally no other way around it.

She popped off with ‘FINE, I’ll just keep calling back until I get someone I’ve spoken with about this!’ and disconnects the call.

I pop into assign aux and go to my manager. I let her know what the guest said and she had me send the info to her email, including ALL the numbers we have on file for her (there were 3). While I was getting the info, I looked closer at her notes and got the gist of what was going on.

The guest was booked on a cruise to Cozumel Mexico, but due to pier congestion, we had to change the itinerary to go to somewhere else (Bahamas) and she was LIVID about it. I understand that it’s not what she initially booked, so she was looking for compensation. If she had already booked shore excursions for Cozumel, they would be automatically returned in full, same with any difference in port charges. HOWEVER, when you sign a ticket contract, there is a line that says something along the terms of ‘I understand Cruise Company reserves the right to modify any itinerary if they deem it necessary’

Not having enough room to dock safely at the pier makes it kind of a necessary change. We don’t need another Carnival situation, you know?

A couple hours later, I asked my manager what happened, and yeah… We had to flag her number because this lady had called in OVER A HUNDRED TIMES IN THE LAST WEEK ALONE. Sales agents across the floor had been getting hang up calls much more frequently than normal, like more than twice the normal expected amount.

So this lady, not only WONT be getting any compensation for the change of itinerary, but she fucked over the stats of so many sales agents.

Just 3 more days till me weekend, right! Right?…

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  1. As someone who worked at a cruise line for six years when we had brochures that would point out that we have the right to change the itinerary at any time be it acts of god (nor’Easter, hurricanes) re categorization of cabins or just for the safety of the passengers and crew .

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