I need a bungalow but I’m not going to tell you where

A man calls in and immediately asks to be connected to the last agent. I’m going to refer to him as Crabby Dude or CD.

Me: Thank you for calling MyPlaceofWorkTravelAgency, this is emerald-avenger, how can I help-

CD (Because the best clients always interrupt our greetings): Yeah, I’m crabby dude and I need you to connect me to the last agent. She was trying to get me connected to a Bungalow Specialist and we need to book a Bungalow.

Me: Certainly, Can I get the agent’s name?

CD:…I don’t remember.

Me: Okay, do you have an extension?

CD: *raising his voice a little* No, I don’t. We talked 10 minutes and the line dropped. I don’t know why she wouldn’t call me back. Don’t you think she should’ve called me back? I’ve been using your services for many years now!

Me: *starting to see why the last agent didn’t call him back* Certainly and I’m sorry to hear the call was disconnected. But because I don’t have any information about the previous agent, I can’t get you connected to her.

CD: *scoffs because of course he does* Oh, that’s great. Can you just get me connected to the bungalow specialist then?

Me: *not aware we had somebody that specializes in bungalow bookings* A Bungalow specialist?

CD: *scoffs again* Of course you don’t know. You don’t know anything about what the last agent was talking about, do you?

Me: I can certainly consult with my team and see if they would know somebody.

I put him on hold and ask around. Not a single person knew of somebody that specializes in bungalow bookings. Technically, any one of us could handle his request and if he needed bungalows for a large group, then we have Group specialists.

Me: Thank you for holding. So I wasn’t able to locate a specialist in bungalow bookings but I’d be happy to assist if you like.

CD: Fine….

Me: Okay, where will you be staying?

CD: What???

Me: Where will you be staying? Are the bungalows part of a hotel or-

CD: No, we’re looking for bungalows, do you not understand what I’m asking???

Me: No I understand but I need more information. If you don’t have an exact place in mind yet, that’s okay. What would the destination be?

CD: What do you mean???

Me: …Where will you be traveling to?

Another voice which I’m assuming is a spouse or other family member: NO. We need to book bungalows and we need YOU to help us plan our trip. It’s going to be for our whole family.

Me: I certainly can assist but I need to know a location so I can research bungalow options


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