After 5 months, I can finally add “pretentious a**hole who ‘knows’ our software better than us” to the list. Obligatory apology for using mobile imminent.

This one will be short, since it’s nothing we haven’t seen hundreds of times before. Long story short, a customer asked us to send his monthly billing statements earlier in the month. I informed him that it isn’t possible due to the system automatically generating statements in batches. I even double checked all of our guidelines to be sure. He then told me to call a supervisor. Leadership told me the same thing. This was unacceptable, and the customer then demanded to talk to a higher-up. Keep in mind that we have the option of sending statements by email, but doing so would somehow be “insulting to his intelligence”. Anyway, I called leadership back, apologized to the poor supervisor who had to take the call, and sent the customer over. I made sure to give the supe a positive review on his survey. As a side note, the customer apparently threatened to sue us for “incompetence”. He even managed to pry the name and employee ID out of the supe, although I suspect it’s because we all know that his “report” will go absolutely nowhere in gaining sympathy.

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