“You’re fired, Merry Christmas!”

First time posting here, mobile user so I apologise lmao

I work for a finance company doing telephone applications, not fully a call centre, but me and my team work as a unit for the whole company. The owner of the company works in the office with us, but went abroad for Christmas, leaving the second in command (who has no jurisdiction over our job, and has no idea how our dialler system works).

For context, the system we use is all computerised, we do not dial the numbers ourselves – it is all done by the computer. So we sit in front of the computer and wait for calls, this means that we have no control over the number of outgoing calls we make. As long as you’re quick with calls, the higher volume you take. We have a ranking system based on the percentage of applications we take and we must achieve over 26% per day – most of us average around 35-45%.

December has been the worst month for our team due to the second in command. This guy has no idea how the system works and complains about percentage rates of 30% (which is actually good). Therefore, behind the owners back, he fired 2 people (with plans for a third) in 2 days. The worst part is that this happened 3 days before Christmas, and the people who were fired haves homes, mouths to feed, cars to pay for, bills to pay.

During this time, my co-workers and I were all terrified of who may be fired next, looking at each other anxiously as Second In Command passed by our desks, peering at our screens.

After the dismissal of Person 2, Person 3 knows they may be getting fired next. So they resign.

To make matters worse ANOTHER member of staff quit at the beginning of December, so we now have 4 spaces to fill at desks in my office.

The owner isn’t back from his vacation yet, but I anticipate a shitstorm.

Sorry if this seems jumbled, I’m a terrible writer haha

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"I’m friends with the VP of the company I’ll get you fired"

This is the new me, I guess.