"I’m friends with the VP of the company I’ll get you fired"

So… This is my first post here, also this is my first job too. (Excuse my redaction please)

I work in a contact center doing mostly phone and sometimes email for a transportation company and yesterday I got a call from la lady complaining about having to walk two blocks in order to get in her car, she was upset because the driver cancelled the ride and was not in the same place she was (fun fact, the driver was exactly in the pickup location she selected in the app). After that she requested another ride and got charged a no show fee, lady claims she never saw the driver before this driver claimed the no show fee (another fun fact, drivers can claim the no show fee after waiting five minutes, this driver waited for her like 25 minutes in the exact pickup location she selected in the app), in the background her mom and her husband were talking and complaining saying things like “ohh, you need to get this guys fired, they are really bad drivers, this is why we prefer other companies”, like dude, we don’t even employ them we just provide the app… Anyways, they were talking in a tone of voice like kinda “I’m a rich kid I know everything” also by her picture and her tone of voice I could tell which kind of person she is.

I didn’t have to give anything to this lady, and yet I requested permission from my coach to give her a five dollar coupon (I wasn’t going to refund the no show fee because the driver deserves it), I gave her the coupon and here is when the call got funny.

Lady: “that’s all? No more credit, I need at least 40 dollars in credit for the inconveniences” (she only had one ride in her account, I actually shouldn’t have gave her that coupon with that many rides, but anyways it was authorized)

Me: “Yes ma’am I’m afraid I cannot provide further compensation than the 5 dollar coupon for the no show fee”

Lady:”Okay it doesn’t matter I’m friends with the VP of (insert company name here), what is your name again?”

Me: “(insert name here) ma’am”

Lady: “Can you spell that for me?”

Me: spelled my name

Lady: “And your last name?”

Me: “Due to privacy policies I cannot provide you with my last name”

Lady: “Okay, your employee number?”

Me: “Due to privacy policies I cannot provide you with that information”

Lady: “You work in the office of this state right?”

Me: “Due to privacy policies I cannot provide you with that information” (and no, I don’t even work for this company, I work for a third party company that was hired by this company to provide support to costumers in a country which is at least 3000 miles away from you, lol”

Lady: “Okay (insert name here), you will be hearing from the VP of the company and I guess we shall speak again soon, so, thank you for not doing much for me, and as I mentioned in friends with the VP of the company so, you will be most likely fired”

Me: “okay ma’am thank you for calling XXXX support, remember you spoke with (insert name here), I hope you have an amazing day and happy new year”

Funny thing how the “friend of the VP fancy lady and her husband need to dispute 5 dollars and need 40 in credit, lol.

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