This is the new me, I guess.

Sorry everyone, but this isn’t a normal story about a justice boner or an awful customer. This is instead a story about how I got a haircut. A number 3 blade, to be specific. For those that know, it’s a very short buzzer cut that people liken to positions such as police officers, military and criminals. Relevant for this story.

As soon as I get to work this morning, my bud whom I sit next to acknowledges my new cut, and then goes on to say I look like I just got out of prison. I chortle, and tell him to give me his wallet. This begins the downward spiral into my haircut being the punchline of the day.

Later on, after everyone in my team has pointed out that I have the appearance of a jailbird now, I’m busy (and intensely focusing on) looking for a specific work item on my PC when my team leader looks over at me (TL for Team Leader).

TL: Hey KaiserFritt0, everything all good over there?

Me: Yeah, just can’t find this *work item* I need on the intranet…

TL: Ahh, ok, you looked very intense over there. Thought you were searching for your next murder victim.

The team laughs, and we get on with our day.

Later on, as I’m packing up for clock-off, my Ops Manager walks in to check the days reports, and wouldn’t you know it…..he got a similar haircut. He jogs over and throws his arm around my shoulder.

Ops: Hey guys, we’re here for our orientation day. We just got out of prison and they’re trying to find work for us…..

A lot of laughing (probably some a bit too hard to get on the Ops Manager’s good books), and I have now accepted my new position in the workplace as the local crim.

Not an overly exciting story, true, but found it funny that one haircut can turn an otherwise boring and tedious day in the call centre into a laughing stock.

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